My cookbooks

After ~ reading and reviewing tons of cookbooks, ~ developing recipes for my cooking classes and others, ~ writing a small little cookbook with recipes to say Sorry with, ~ ghost writing the First Aid Kitchen cookbook for a tv-chef, ~ being the culinary editor for an Argentinian themed cookbook and ~ proofreading tens of …

Trub Bread

More than any other dish I know, baking bread is all about understanding what’s going on and finding the technique and bread that works for you. Aka playing with food. Will this Trub Bread be just one fun experiment or become my new favorite way of baking bread?

Strawberry Sapote Smoothie with a bang!

“It’s like dessert. Kind of a vanilla pudding flavor when ripe.” was what one of my neighbors told me about the green fruits that we’re falling off the huge tree in our front yard. The first thing I made with the white sapotos was a Strawberry Sapote Smoothie with a bang.

Footloose and fancy free: Whole Wheat Pita Roll with Braised Greens, Butter Beans and Miso

Our norms and values sometimes are so restricting, that it can be liberating to let them go every now and then. I do that when I fly solo, making dinner for one. I really cook different when I only need to feed myself. On those nights dishes like this Whole Wheat Pita Roll with Braised …