Come learn to cook from me!

This fall and winter I’m doing something new: I’m teaching all kinds of cooking classes in the Bay Area that I would love to attend myself. But I’m the teacher, I guess that will be even more fun. 🙂

For Campbell Adult School I developed a program of various cooking classes. So come learn to cook from me!


Classes are open to any level of cooking experience, and if you’re a vegetarian, please don’t feel restricted to my vegetarian class only. I love to show you how to alter my recipes so you can enjoy them as well. Just let me know in advance when you sign up.

So, let’s sharpen our knifes and have some fun in the kitchen together!

ILLUSTRATION knives by EDIE EATS FOOD BLOG by Edith Dourleijn

The full program:
You can sign up by clicking the links on the names of the classes.

Sensational Salads – 2 nights : 23 + 30 AUGUST
Although summer will almost be over when this class starts, it’s never too cold to eat salads in the Bay Area. So let’s say hello to healthy, nourishing and full-filling salad style dinners, that are also great as lunch.

Around the world in pancakes – 1 night : 6 SEPTEMBER
Pancakes only good enough for breakfast? Not any more after this class. Everywhere on the world people eat pancakes. Sweet and savory, on all moments of the day.

Spanish Tapas – 2 nights :  20 + 27 SEPTEMBER
Originated in the Andalusia region in Spain, nowadays everyone all over the world loves tapas. These are small bites, originally used to cover a glass of sherry to protect it from fruit flies. And to show travelers what the cook could serve, as menus weren’t very common in the 19th century.

Viva la Vega – 2 nights : 4 + 11 OCTOBER
Eating fewer proteins, especially meat, is better for both our own health as our earths. So if you wonder how to make a complete healthy meal without meat but still nourish your body with everything it needs, you have to come to this course!

Flavors of 1001-nights – Morocco – 2 nights : 18 + 25 OCTOBER
Ah Morocco, country of stunning, beautiful flavors! From exiting seaside towns to the mysterious medina of Marrakesh and the smallest rural villages in the deserts, Morocco is full of wonderful flavors.

Enjoy the seasons – 2 nights : 1 + 8 NOVEMBER
Cooking with seasonal vegetables can be both challenging and fun. Especially when you live in a colder climate with only cabbages and root vegetables at your disposal in winter, like I had when she lived in The Netherlands.

Knife skills – 1 night : 15 NOVEMBER
Want to learn how to use your chef’s knife? And all the basic cuts chefs use? Julienne, brunoise, cutting an onion, chopping garlic, herbs and nuts, supreming an orange will be taught in this skills class.

La Bella Italia – 2 nights : 29 NOVEMBER + 6 DECEMBER
La Bella Italia. Who doesn’t want to go there and stay forever? In this class I virtually bring you there and shows you there’s more about Italian food then pizza and pasta only.


Not in the mood for taking a class, but want to learn how to become a better cook? Check my site for tips and recipes regularly. Or sign up for the mailing list to get my FULL blog posts in your mailbox (see side bar or below if you’re reading this mobile)!



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