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New Cooking Classes in San Diego North County

Since I moved to San Diego a few months ago, I been working hard developing cooking classes. I’ve found an amazing instruction kitchen to use for my classes (see below), but I also offer private classes in the comfort of your own home.

Shoot me an email (info @ edithdourleijn.com) and let me know what you would like to learn from me!

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New Fall 2017 program
Okay, this will be up in a few days. Put yourself on my mailing list here, so I can send you an update immediately.


What makes my cooking classes unique?
My cooking clases always all hands-on and a whole lotta fun! You cook the dishes yourself, and I only guide and tell you all my tricks and tips. My recipe are unique and developed by me. In general, veggies will play the starring role, and I’ll show you how with what cooking technique(s) and flavor combinations you get the best out of them. But just like I show you on my blog, I definitely don’t forget about cheese, meat, fish and starches!

All my classes are open to everyone (sorry, 21+ only), and I’m happy to accommodate all dietary restrictions, just let me know about  them in advance.

Who’s Edie?
Thanks for asking: I’m Edie Dourleijn and I started to teach cooking classes right after culinary school. I get my inspiration from all over the world, and mix and match styles, techniques and flavors. I love the way they use vegetables in the Mediterranean countries, herbs and spices in the Middle East, beans in Central America, potatoes in my home country The Netherlands, and I’m still learning the tricks to cook big meats in the smoker the way you guys are doing it here in the USA. Whisk that up with my love to understand what’s going on in my pots and pans, and you could say, I feel pretty at home here in California! You can read more about me here.

Where do I teach my cooking classes?
On Friday evening, I will teach my cooking classes at the kitchen of the Center for a Healthy Lifestyle at the Boys & Girls Club in Encinitas. These classes are fully hands-on. You learn how clean and prep the vegetables, make your own marinades and dressings, get to stir in the pots yourself; basically you cook everything from start to finish. I might ask you to help clean up a bit too.

See all my classes at the Center for a Healthy Lifestyle in Encinitas here.



Do you have other ideas or wishes about learning how to cook with me? Let me know!