let’s talk food

Not only do I love to cook, I think it’s even more fun to talk about food and cooking. We can hang out in the kitchen cooking up a fun meal together, or you can invite me as a cooking speaker to inspire your tribe become more confident and creative in the kitchen.

Two examples of interactive (virtual) talks are:

KEYNOTE: Become a [more] creative cook

Have chef Edie inspire everyone to play with their food, and cook more often. During this live and interactive (virtual) talk, everyone will be encouraged to find their inner creative cook.

We will discuss what creativity in the kitchen is all about, discover what’s the fun of cooking for you, and you will get tools to nurture your own culinary creativity. Even if you’re just a beginner!

For a longer lasting result, add on a 5-week creative cook challenge, with fun and engaging cooking challenges to bring more creativity into your kitchens, with a longer lasting result.

KEYNOTE: Learn to cook without recipes by creating your own

Recipes ought to be treated merely as a guideline, not as a strict rule book. But how does that work when you’re just starting out in the kitchen, or feel simply more confident when someone else is telling you what to do?

Invite chef Edie to explain what recipes are and why you (don’t) need them. Or how you can use them to your advantage and recreate them into a recipe using what you have in your fridge/pantry or that suits your dietary preferences.

During this interactive (virtual) talk, we will do a fun exercise to teach you the anatomy of a dish, how you can adjust a recipe and learn to improvise more in the kitchen. Really, it is possible!

It’s possible to add an interactive cooking class or demonstration cooking up our creations.

Invite a cooking speaker as an unique keynote. Chef Edie Dourleijn will host an interactive talk and teach you to become more creative in the kitchen.