I wish …

… 2015 to be much more boring than 2014 was! 


In January of 2014 we moved from The Netherlands to California. After 6 weeks of living in a tiny apartment, we found a great house at the foot of the Silicon Valley hills to start our new life. Our two cats agreed and explored their new area thoroughly. In the mean time Mr Eats started a new job and I a new blog. Then a green little card was dropped in our mailbox, which allowed me to search for (and find!) a great culinary studio where I can talk about cooking all the time.

But boring will 2015 definitely NOT be. I simply look forward to experience more of the same.  The great Californian weather. Meeting fun new people, making new friends. Exploring the beautiful Bay Area, enjoying the great city of San Francisco. Seeing more lightly fluttering hummingbirds in our garden laughing at the cats after failed attempts to grab them.

Starting all over was exiting, while at the same time I stayed the same ol’ me. But now talking English all the time. With a funny accent, I hope that’ll improve this year. Yup, that’s a wish, no resolution! 😉

But above all …

Culinary wishes 2015 by @edie eats by Edith Dourleijn



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