Edie illustrates

All of a sudden I found myself making illustrations. The beautiful California weather had something to do with it.


When I was thinking about my new life in California and starting edie eats food blog, all kinds of ideas ran through my head. And goals. One of them was to find a way to enjoy this great sunny weather to the max. Buying a notebook with a long battery life and a bright screen to use outdoors, was one step in the right direction. And then I found myself one morning decoding my nightly handwriting. It says something like “make illus [illustrations] like postcard”.

Let me explain.

A few days before I had stopped by a store with this postcard in its window and bought it. The postcard, not the store obviously. The image just hit me. As a huge fan of the wood engravings art style, the modern paper cut version of it, and the resemblance in the picture with one of my own cats (Japi) might have something to do with it. The artist turned out to be Nikki McClure (man, I love her work!), and she even made a cookbook How to cook the perfect day. That’s definitely on my wish list now!

Although I must have some creativity gens in me, as I have great – though not professionally – illustrators in my family, I considered myself only investigative and inventive in the kitchen. But I snatched a black marker and just tried something. I found myself a new pastime. Outdoors!

I hope you like the illustrations as much as I do making them.


Needless to say that all illustrations are mine. If you want to use them for whatever reason, please contact me.


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