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Malijano or Malidjano is a popular eggplant spread in Macedonia. Here's my recipe for it! EGGPLANT-illustration and recipe by EDIE EATS by Edith Dourleijn

3 March 2017
by Edie

🍆 Move over Baba Ganoush, here’s Malijano 🍆

Inspiration is a crazy thing.

One day I have no clue what to cook or write for this blog. On another I have ideas piling up.

Inspiration for this blog and the recipe for Malijano came when I went to a local International Food Market (South Bay’ers: go there!) to do the groceries for a cooking demo I was about to give that night. Besides the things on my shopping list, I also needed an idea for a small dish to demonstrate while my pilaf (not this one) was getting ready on the stove.  Continue Reading →

Recipe Roasted Sticky leeks - LEEK -illustration and recipe by EDIE EATS by Edith Dourleijn -small

25 February 2017
by Edie

7 Tips for more creativity in the kitchen: Roasted Sticky Leeks

A blank page.

A blinking cursor.

That was what I was staring at for quite a while when I sat down for a blog post a few weeks ago.
I had no clue what to write about or what recipe to share.

But here it is! Seven tips for more creativity in the kitchen and a recipe for Roasted sticky leeks.   Continue Reading →

Chicken veggie noodle soup with lots of ginger for the sick - CARROT illustration and recipe by EDIE EATS Food Blog by Edith Dourleijn

17 February 2017
by Edie

Chicken veggie noodle soup with lots of ginger for the sick, aka me

A sore throat for days. Delusional dreams due to the cough syrup. But not really sick enough to cancel work. That’s how I struggled through the week. But the one dish I cooked at home this week found it’s way to the blog: Chicken veggie noodle soup with lots of ginger.

It made me feel better in all kinds of ways.

>> Here’s the recipe!

Recipe Best Mushroom ever. Recipe and CRIMINI MUSHROOMS illustration by EDIE EATS by Edith Dourleijn

13 January 2017
by Edie

Know what you cook! This Mushroom Soup for Champs, maybe?

On the right side of your screen (or below when you’re reading this mobile) I state that “Edie eats .. home cooked meals – every day“. No one asked me, but I was curious: how true is that?
If I may so myself, that’s very true! And to proof that, here are some numbers and the recipe for the  Mushroom Soup for Champs that was the last dish I made in 2016.

>> And that was a great choice!