Screwing up your juice

About how I ended up my Sunday morning holding a screwgun in a dirty kitchen. A long story, but short recipe for home made Apple Juice with rhubarb.

Mister Eats is – among many  other things like a handsome dark haired man, a brilliant scientist, a witty .. oh, well, this post wasn’t supposed to go about him, let’s do that another time – my home Juice Master. At the time I finally get out of bed in the weekends, he’s already enthusiastically juicing oranges, apples, melons, pineapples and whatever fruit we have at home.
Last weekend I was all alone and six apples had stared reproachfully at me for weeks. They were right. Wrinkled, and getting dried-out I had to use them right now. Not another week later, when Mr Eats would be back from his conference trip.

Remembering a blog post about Home Made Apple Juice from the Dutch food blogger Miss Fromage, I got me a bush of celery. Another good reason to make my own juice, as Mr Eats hardly tolerates these green stalks in his food, let alone his drinks. So, slow juicer on the counter and I actually started to get some fun in the juicing. The pale orange-brown color of the apple juice tasted wonderful, but a bit too sweet for my taste. Enter the celery.

Leaves down first I squeezed the stems one by one, leaving me with a lot of fine bright green juice. Starting to understand why there is so often celery  in juices: they do give a lot of juice and hardly any waste. Or .. no waste! What, no waste? Enter screwdriver.

I think Mr Eats has got himself another reason to avert celery when he hears this story. To celebrate his home coming I replaced the celery with rhubarb, slicing them in chunks to prevent the long fibers obstructing the juicer. This made an even better juice.

RHUBARB illustration and recipe by EDIE EATS Food Blog by Edith Dourleijn



For about 2-3 glasses great, healthy juice

You need:
* 6 apples
* 1-2 stems of rhubarb
* sip of lemon juice (optional)

You do:
Clean if necessary the fruits and cut them into pieces. Work them through your (slow) juicer.

Catch the juice and add the lemon juice to taste.



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