Starring at the Farmers Market

At the Farmers Market I got seduced! By bright yellow beans. I gave them the starring role in a refreshing Yellow bean salad with feta.

When we rushed to the entrance of the Sunday morning Farmers Market, a bit in a hurry as we arrived late, the smell of various fruits lingered into our noses. The sweet, fresh, ripe apricots, peaches and nectarines with their bright colors were tempting us to buy them. But knowing about the melon and cherries we already had at home, we didn’t. We were at the market for the veggies!
Luckily the abundance of varieties available made me forget about the ogling stone fruits. The yellow wax beans with their translucent yellow flesh were as appealing. Mr Eats looked at them and instantly found himself back at the kitchen table with his mum. Chatting about their days, she routinely removed the tips of both ends while cutting them between the blade of her small paring knife and her thumb. After steaming the yellow beans, she let the sweet, soft beans cool in a simple vinaigrette, to be eaten as a cold salad at dinner.

.YELLOW BEANS illustration and recipe by Edie Eats by Edith Dourleijn


I upgraded this great classic recipe for yellow beans with real Bulgarian sheep feta. The salty, bit tangy taste of the soft cheese gave the sweet yellow beans just that refreshing twist they needed on our hot Californian Sunday. The salad turned out to be a great side next to a lamb rack. But I promise, they’ll be a great side at any BBQ-roasted meat.
And yes, this recipe will work with green beans as well! Just try it.

You need:
1 lb fresh yellow beans
1 T white wine vinegar
1/2 t mustard
pepper and salt
3-4 T olive oil
3 oz feta cheese

You do:
Steam the yellow beans. Wash them and remove the tips on both ends. Put in a steam flower (or basket). Bring a little water to a boil and steam the beans over it in 10-15 minutes.

Note: Try and taste the beans every minute after 10 minutes of steaming. Remove the beans at your desired firmness and keep in mind that they will continue to loose firmness a little more when cooling in the vinaigrette.

Make the vinaigrette. Put mustard, vinegar, pepper and salt in a bowl, whisk and slowly add the oil while keep whisking.

Gently mix the vinaigrette through the yellow beans and let cool. Put in fridge after an hour to completely cool.

Garnish with the crumbled or chopped feta.

Tip: Try hazelnut oil, instead of the olive oil!


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