Come learn to cook from me!

This fall and winter I’m doing something new: I’m teaching all kinds of cooking classes in the Bay Area that I would love to attend myself. But I’m the teacher, I guess that will be even more fun. 🙂

For Campbell Adult School I developed a program of various cooking classes. So come learn to cook from me!

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Imam bayildi – is what you get when you don’t listen to me!

Malijano or Malidjano is a popular eggplant spread in Macedonia. Here's my recipe for it! EGGPLANT-illustration and recipe by EDIE EATS by Edith Dourleijn

As a cooking instructor I like it when people listen to me. Follow my guide and instructions. At the same time I tell them not to listen too much to me. It has not really something to do with this recipe for the Turkish classic Imam bayildi, but in a way it does.

Imam bayildi is one of my all time Summer favorites. Ever since I learned to make these vegetarian, damn, vegan even, stuffed eggplants in 2006, I make them multiple times per Summer. They’re that good!

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