Know what you cook! This Mushroom Soup for Champs, maybe?

Recipe Best Mushroom ever. Recipe and CRIMINI MUSHROOMS illustration by EDIE EATS by Edith Dourleijn

On the right side of your screen (or below when you’re reading this mobile) I state that “Edie eats .. home cooked meals – every day“. No one asked me, but I was curious: how true is that?
If I may so myself, that’s very true! And to proof that, here are some numbers and the recipe for the¬† Mushroom Soup for Champs that was the last dish I made in 2016.

>> And that was a great choice!

Vegan white bean soup with sauerkraut

Vegan white bean soup with sauerkraut - recipe, text and illustration of white cabbage by EDIE EATS food blog by Edith Dourleijn

If I’ve learned a lesson this week, then it’s not to change your routine too much. Even with a good plan it turned out to be hard to change my cooking. Was it the plan that was to blame? Or me? Am I just not that good with sticking to dinner plans? I know I’m very comfortable in my freestyle ‘what shall we have for dinner tonight’-style.
But then, how to explain this? This [vegan] White bean soup with sauerkraut was planned and too good not to write about.

>> So here it is!

Chinese style dumpling duck soup with bok choy

baby bok choy - illustration by Edie eats food blog - Edith Dourleijn small

Although I could imagine that it would happen, I couldn’t foresee in what way my cooking would change when migrating to California. Living in a city with two huge Chinese supermarkets, a smaller freezer and a new Japanese cookbook inspired me to this dish, which I probably wouldn’t have come up with, when I was still living in The Netherlands.

Meet my new recipe: Chinese style dumpling duck soup with bok choy!

>> Wanna see it?