Crunchy and mild spicy couscous salad with mustard seeds

JICAMA illustration by edie eats-Edith Dourleijn

I’m not good at throwing food away. I always have looooots of little pots and cups in my fridge with small amounts of food and halved veggies in my drawer. Next to that cabbage of lettuce that seems to live forever there. With all the condiments that surround them, I invent new dishes. That’s also how this recipe for a crunchy and mild spicy couscous salad with mustard seeds came into existence.

>> You know you want to try it!

The easiest way to poach eggs!

baby bok choy - illustration by Edie eats food blog - Edith Dourleijn small

Time to make a confession: I never got really good at poaching eggs! And since I’m a schooled chef, that really is a thingy. But, I’ve found the best trick ever and poaching eggs never will be a hassle anymore.
I made up this recipe for Hoisin rice noodles with carrots and bok choy to try the poaching egg trick and it works. Both trick and recipe!

>> Curious? I bet you are!