What to do with undercooked cake?

What to do with undercooked cake? Well, don’t throw it away! Here’s a solution.

Simply slice the cake and warm up in the oven. Some butter on top and no one will ever know. I promise!

Remember my post about juggling with bananas, bowls and two different kinds of batter? That time I made two versions a of a banana cake, just to test if America’s Testkitchen’s version of a banana cake with dehydrated bananas would be better than a normal one?

The question
I did an experiment like that again. But now with four different batters because of another starting question: “What’s the effect of using both baking powder and baking soda in a [banana] cake?” Well, obviously, you get a very light and fluffy cake. But what happens if you use the same recipe but leave out either the baking powder, the baking soda or both?

To answer this question, I made four cakes, using the same standard recipe as in my previous experiment.

The results
The recipe with both baking powder and baking soda became very airy and perfectly cooked, which made this cake number one in the experiment.
Using only baking soda or baking powder made the cake rise less when compared to the one with both in it, while the baking soda helped coloring the cake as well. The cakes with only baking powder or none of the rising assistants staid pale.
The version without baking powder or baking soda didn’t only not color, it became a very dense cake that hardly had risen. Even more, after baking it for 45 minutes, it wasn’t properly cooked yet.

The lesson
Never change a wining recipe!

A new question
I enjoyed the perfect banana cake. But what to do with 3 halves of banana cakes that were slightly or a lot undercooked? To postpone answering this question, I just put them in the freezer. And forgot about them.
Until today, when I found them back in my freezer. So I asked myself a new question:

BANANAS illustration and recipe by EDIE EATS Food Blog by Edith Dourleijn

What to do with undercooked cake?

We all have had it at least once. Your house smells great, you’ve been resisting the temptation to cut of a piece will it’s still in the oven and – even more difficult – during the time it’s cooling down. So when you’re finally cutting the cake, you’re facing a big disappointment: undercooked. A thick dense layer shows in the midst (or just beneath that) of your cake. You can cry or use my solution!

You need:
1 slightly undercooked cake

You do:
Preheat the oven, somewhere between 350-400 F | 175-200 C will be fine.

Slice you cake and put the slices on a baking tray. Bake them for a few minutes in your oven.

Serve with ice cream, and you’re called a hero. A good cook. A fantastic wife/husband. Prepare for being proposed. Enjoy it!

Tip: Another quicker tip for only one slice: put it in your toaster!


Are you in the mood to start all over and make a new banana cake? Or this crowd favorite Italian plum cake? Just hit the links!




7 Replies to “What to do with undercooked cake?”

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  2. The last line…noww i know! It turns out to be waffles! And my whole family loved them and no one knows about cake disaster thank you

  3. Hi Edie, I baked a cake which took a long time to rise. After it was baked, I sliced and it is raw as if the batter didn’t get cooked at all. It appears dense and gooey. We ate a slice, the taste is ok but any way to fix the raw component? Anything else we can make out of these slices?

    1. Hi Gurleen,
      You might want to check if your baking powder is still active. Scoop 1 teaspoon in bowl, add water. If nothing happens, you’d want to buy a new can.
      For now, just slice the undercooked cake and toast them in your bread toaster. Or put them on a tray and cook them in the oven (400F) until cooked. Serve with ice cream and don’t tell anyone! 😉
      Good luck!

  4. Hi edie!
    I baked a cake and checked it after its prescribed time . It was not cooled properly so I kept it for some more time . Now when i sliced it is baked from the outside but on the inside it is very dense and gooey . The baked part tastes good but the inside part doesn’t taste good and I also checked my backing powder and it was working . Can I do something from this cake?

    1. Hi Ipsa,

      If this is a new recipe you’re trying, next time add at least 10 minutes to the cooking time, and check the doneness with a skewer.

      The best thing to do with the cake you already baked, is to slice it, and toast it in the oven (see the blog post) or in your toaster. Hope my answer is not too late for you!


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