Coming home to Whiskey Spiced Chicken Wings

After a week of camping and restaurant eating I craved for something I usually never make: chicken wings. Mr. Eats agreed and my cabinets inspired me to make these Whiskey Spiced Chicken Wings that cooked while we unpacked our car.


I don’t know about you, but I get grumpy when I don’t cook often enough. It’s not even so much about the cooking itself, as well about having the change to pick myself what I’ll eat.

Like during our move to the new house we ate restaurant food, take away food and fast food for about a week. Not only my stomach couldn’t stand that kind of food, I myself had a hard time not having¬† unlimited options.

Same for our last trip. We drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, making regular overnight stops with a day rest to enjoy the foggy ocean ride to the max. For the first days I brought some fresh veggies, some pasta and couscous and even a small container frozen cooked chicken from my freezer. And we cooked.

After that, we slowly let the camping cooking go and ate at Mexican (not so good) and Japanese (meh) restaurants. We tasted Humboldt in Eureka which was good, but not filling enough for our late lunch, but crazy Norwegians made up to that another day with their fish ‘n chips. And in Portland it wasn’t a problem that we didn’t bother about cooking ourself at all. So many good places to eat there!!

On our drive back home we talked about it. What shall we do for dinner when we come home? Take away? Go out? Or cook ourselves? We would arrive around 7.30, so not too late.

And then I felt it. Chicken wings. I wanted chicken wings.

I never crave for chicken wings.

But I did during our ride back home.

We stopped at the supermarket and their fried chicken didn’t look appealing enough. So we bought some uncooked chicken wings and a ready-made salad with green asparagus, tomato and canned artichoke from the supermarket salad bar, and we finally could cuddle our cats again.


recipe Whiskey Spiced Chicken Wings- Silkie chicken - illustration by Edie Eats Food Blog by Edith Dourleijn

Whiskey Spiced Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are always good. I ate them as part of a small dinner with a filling salad on the side, but they’re also great for potlucks, pick-nicks and all that. This recipe has a few of the regulars, like mustard, whiskey and honey, and I let the coriander and pimenton (Spanish smoked paprika) spice it all up a bit.

I used:
10 chicken wings (approx)
1 T honey
1 t yellow mustard
2 T whiskey
1/2 t pimenton (Spanish smoked paprika), see tip
1/2 t coriander
salt and pepper
2 T vegetable oil

Tip: Pimenton can be found at the bigger supermarkets or fancy cooking stores. It’s a super fragrant, smokey paprika powder that I love to use a lot. It’s hard to replace, but ordinary paprika and a pinch of cayenne will do.

I did:
Marinate the chicken wings. Whisk the honey and mustard by slowly adding the whiskey. Add in all spices and let the chicken wings marinate as long as possible. Or continue to the next step immediately, like I did.

Bake the chicken wings. Preheat a small skillet with the oil until it’s quite hot. Add chicken wings (without leftover marinade) and brown them on all sides. Lower the temperature, add rest of the marinade, put a lid on and go do something else. Like unpacking your car or so. Come back every 5 minutes to flip the wings over and stir the marinade. Let them cook until you’re done unpacking, starving and the chicken wings are fully cooked and the marinade is sticky. About 20-25 minutes after the browning.

Enjoy your Whiskey Spiced Chicken Wings!


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